Hogshead and Rudgate Breweries Atlantic collaboration

7 April 2015

Denver based Hogshead Brewery and UK based brewery Rudgate have combined over a 100 years of brewing expertise and knowledge to create their US/ Anglo collaboration ale Atlantic Crossing Best Bitter which will be launched at the Craft Brewers Conference 14th -17th April . The collaboration is a first for both of the craft breweries and has been a couple of years in the planning !
The two breweries initially met at the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver in 2013. As part of the conference Hogshead held its first cask festival along with sponsors UK Brewing supplies, Angram Ltd Beer Dispense and help from the BFBI ( Brewing Food & Beverage Industry UK). There were nine cask beers from the UK including Rudgate Brewery’s famous award winning Ruby Mild, four from bigger American brewers and eight from Hogshead.

Early 2015 Rudgate contacted Hogshead to discuss a potential collaboration – the rest is history!

“We’re like minded when it comes to producing quality beers – and felt that a collaboration ale would be a fantastic way to combine our talents and fuse our brewing styles” commented Craig Lee, Rudgate’s Managing Director.

“Atlantic Crossing Best Bitter brings together the passion of two world class breweries. It’s nutty, toffee, toasted malt character marries with a distinct earthiness from Hogshead’s house yeast.

Starting with a soft mouth-feel but finishing resinous and dry from the use of both England’s finest Challenger hops and the American Northwest’s prized Cascade hops, this ale pays homage to great bitters made on both sides of the pond!” says Cicerone Jake Gardener.

Both Breweries can be contacted for more information about the availability of Atlantic Crossing Best Bitter and will be present at the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, Oregon. The beer with be available to try at the BFBI (Brewing Food and Beverage) and Brewers Supply Group (BSG) Beer Stations.