The Benefits of Drinking Quality Craft Beer

20 May 2016

“Let a man walk ten miles on a hot summer’s day along a dusty English road, and he will soon discover why beer was invented.” – G.K. Chesterton


A good gulp of quality beer is a beautiful thing, almost everyone will agree on that one. But what exactly is it that makes the amber nectar so advantageous, particularly in the case of craft beer? Here are a few answers to the question, some of which may be a little surprising.


Hops help us fight cancer
This just in: beer is benevolent and hops are the new super ingredient. With all the things that have recently been shown to be carcinogenic, it’s easy to feel under the shadow of the Big C. So it’s refreshing to hear that our favourite drink is able to actively fight cancer, when drunk in moderation. This is because hops contain Xanthohumol, which stimulates anti-cancer activity in the liver and colon. As many craft beers are particularly rich in hops, they are among the most beneficial cancer fighters available down the pub. So get in those ultra-IPAs and cloudy mid-westerns and raise a toast to the mighty hops!


What’s better than a beer with friends?
The late, great Bernie Mac suggested that anyone who wants to enjoy heaven on earth should spend an evening with good people, ice-cold beer and lobsters on the grill. So invite your mates out to your local craft beer or real ale pub, get in a few hand-pulled ales and let the good times roll.


It can make your bones grow stronger
Beer drunk in moderation is a rich source of silicon, which plays a major role in increasing bone mineral density, making your bones stronger and more capable of recovering from damage. Studies also show that this process may help prevent osteoporosis.


It’s the most refreshing thing since, errr…
Mr. G.K. Chesterton knew it and we know it today. Hot, tired and overstressed people have been refreshing and reenergising themselves with a beer since ancient times, and there are few places in the world where you can’t see friends enjoying a refreshing local beer or two on an evening.


The craft revolution has kept many pubs going as social establishments
There are few things worse than a once beloved local pub turning into a bookies, or even a pawn shop where people can sell their mother’s engagement ring in order to go to another bookies. The emerging national appreciation for the small-scale brew and the indie distributor is reversing the pub-closing trend, bringing variety and community back to the pubs of Britain once again.