MD Engineering expands design team

10 September 2018

MD Engineering expands design team to secure future growth and expansion

MD Engineering has decided to invest in some professional new recruits, this decision has been made due to having the opportunity to take on a number of upcoming projects as the business is rapidly growing and expanding.

With the business growing regularly and their products and services becoming more in demand, MD Engineering are proud to announce the hiring of Lee Taylor a professional design engineer. Lee has been hired due to his vast and useful skill set he has acquired over the years.

Before joining MD Engineering, Lee Taylor worked in the pharmaceuticals and process industry. He explains “I have designed medical containment machines, these machines were used for various things such as cloning, testing and pill making.” Lee also has expertise in engineering fields such as boiler and pipework design, general fabrications and machine design using the up to date software.

Lee chose to take on the role here at MD Engineering it is a “independent and innovative company, but there is also a lot more opportunities and challenges in this role.” Lee also explains “I also like the idea of having to learn about the new industry that I work in.”

MD Engineering has a lot of potential for new its recruits, they can thrive and progress in the business but also show off what skills they have. Lee notes “MD Engineering is a young dynamic company and I am able to start at almost the beginning of its journey and contribute towards its successes.” He also explains “It’s a great place to work with a good atmosphere and support whenever you need it. They’ve also supplied me with all the tools I need to complete my job commitments.”

MD Engineering are looking forward to working with Lee and seeing what skills and potential he can not only bring to the team and business but also to the industry.